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News 16


  • Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year 2017!

Dear friends and Arshan´s saluki owners , we wish you Merry Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2017! Thank you for you friendship and perfect care for our beloved kids!




  • Our brand new family member:

Let us introduce our lovely family members Arshan Evelyn Rose and  Arshan Emily Grace :)




  • 05.-06.11.2016 - CACIB Bratislava


Arshan Audree -  champion class - E1, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Cruft nomination!

Arshan Dumont - intermediate class - E1, CAC

Judge: G. Ridarčiková, SK





Arshan Audree -  champion class - E2, res. CAC, res. CACIB

Arshan Dumont - intermediate class - E1, CAC

Judge: Agabeyli Zaur, Azerbaijan



 Well done! We are very happy and proud to our Arshan kids!


  • Our E-Litter

We would like to introduce our beloved E-litter -  our little clones of Ambi and Udi  We all are very happy and busy!





  • - CACIB Praha

 Arshan Dumont - intermediate class - 2x E1, 2x CAC

Judges:  Radana Marešová, CZ and Judge Christophe Coppel, FR





  • 25.9. 2016 - 25. Moravskoslezska regional dog show,  Brno

Arshan Dumont - intermediate class - Excellent 1, CAC
Judge: Ludmila Fintorová, SK

Dumont is also brand new CZ JCH! :)

Congrats Hanka and Dumont!




  • 20-21.8.2016 - Duo CACIB, Bratislava, Slovakia

Arshan Dumont - intermediate class - 2x ex1, CAC

Well done Dumi and Hani! Congratulations again!




  • Great show news!

What a week! Our Arshan Ansel got 6 different champion title and a lot of nice results.

The champion titles:
So the show results: Romania Champion, Serbian Champion, Montenegro Champion and Montenegro Grand Champion, Balkan Champion, International Champion!!!

The show results:
First shows were at Romania where the first day in Oradea CACIB (2016.07.23) he got E1, CAC, res. CACIB, Judge: Tino Pehar, CRO and a second day Oradea CAC (2016.07.24) E1, CAC, Judge: Alberto Cuccillato, IThe second two show were in Montenegro Cup 2016.07. 26-27. Centinje CACIB where Ansel got in the 1. Day: E1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-3, Judge: Kamen Litov, BG
2. Day: E1., CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-2, Judge: Pedro Delerue, PAnd the last 2 shows were in Serbia,
Aleksinac CAC 2(016.07.30): E1, CAC, BOB, BIG-1, Judge: Zika Stevanovic Katunac
Soko Banja CACIB (2016.07.30): E1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-1
Judge: Dr. Dragan Janjić, SRBWell done!

 Well done Anna and Ansi! Hugs to you both!



  • 30.07.2016 - Regional dog show, Brno - Žebětín, ČR

Arshan Dumont - junior class - E1, CAJC, junior class winner!

Well done Hanka and Dumont, thanks Mrs. Furyova for handling.




  • 25 - 26.6.2016 - Duo CACIB,  Ireland

Arshan Diezel Ky - junior class -  2 x E1, 2 x CAJC and Greenstar dog, BOB!

Congrats, Diezi and David!



  • 26.6.2016 - CAC, Náměšť na Hané, CZ

Arshan Dumont - junior class - E1, junior class winner

Well done, Hanka and Dumontek!




  • 19.06.2016 - Happy Birthday!

Happy happy 4th Birthday to all our B-kids!!

Have a nice celebrations!



  • 19.06.2016 - Intercanis Brno, CZ

Arshan Dumont - junior class - E1, CAJC

Well done, Dumontik and Hanka! Congrats!




  • 18. - 19.6.2016 - Klagenfurkt, AT

Arshan Bailey - champion class - E1, CAC, CACIB, BOS!

Well done, congrats Bailey and her owners!

Photo: Simona Petrova



BOB - Impala Imperator, BOS- Arshan Bailey


  • 18.6.2016 - Swors Championship, Ireland

Arshan Diezel Ky - junior class - CAJC,  Best junior!

Well done, congrats to Diezi and David!




  • 04.-05.06. 2016 - 2x CACIB, Ireland

Arshan Diezel Ky - junior class - 2x CAJC and best Junior!

Diezi is now IRL JCH!

Well done, David a Diezi. Huge congrats to brand new Junior CH :)


  • 28.- 29.05.2016 -  2x CACIB, Italy

Arshan Darcy - junior class - 2x CAJC, 2X BOB, BOG-3!

Darcy is brand new IT JCH!!!

Congrats to Sofie and Nadir,well done!  We are very happy with you!



  • In memory


(18.08.2012 - 22.05.2016)

The lymfoma took her young life, but her spirit remains alive in our hearts... 

Big hugs to her family





  • 21.05.2016 - Sighthound specialty, HU

Arshan Davina Noir - junior class - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB

Judge: Kerpan, SLO

Well done!




  • 14.05.2016 - Hiberian Campionship, Ireland

Arshan Diezel Ky -  junior class - E1, CAJC, first in junior

Congrats David and Diezi! Well done!



  • Happy 1st Birthday dear D-kids!




  • 07- 08.05.2016 - CACIB, Ercolano, Italy

Arshan D´arcy - junior class:

  • 07.05.2016 - E1, CAJC, Best junior BOB!
  • 08.05.2016 - E1, CAJC, Best junior BOB!

Well done dear Sofia and Nadir, big congrats again!




  • 30.4 - 01.05.2016 - CACIB, Fermoy Ireland

Arshan Diezel Ky - junior class:

- 30.04.2016 - E1, CAJC, 1st in Junior Dog

- 01.05.2016 - E1, CAJC, 1st in Junior Dog, Reserve Dog Green Star - CAC

Congrats to David and Diezi!



  • 30.04.2016 - Sighthound Clubshow, Prague, CZ

Arshan Blandine - open class - E2, res. CAC

Judge: Panuška, CZ

Well done! :)




  • 24.04.2016 - České Budejovice, CZ

Arshan Blandine - open class - E1, CAC, res. CACIB

Judge: Tibor Havelka, SK

Well done! Happy with you!




  • 16.04.2016 - CAC MAVE Sighthound Specialty - Asonemedi, HU

Arshan Audree - champion class (2 bitches) - E1, CAC

Arshan Davina Noir - junior class - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB, Junior Specialty Winner  and finaly res. Junior BIS!

Danielka - 3th place in Junior Handling.

Judge: Csilla Juhász, HU

We are very happy!

More pics: here






  • 16.4.2016 - CACIB, Campobasso Italy

Arhan Darcy - junior class - CAJC, best male and BOB!

Huge congrats to Sofie and Darcy!!!




  • 10.04.2016 - CACIL, Slovakia

Arshan Anais - res. Cacil, International Master of coursing 2016!

Well done, Anais!



  • 10.04.2016 - CAC, Ostrava, CZ

Arshan Dumont - junior class - E1, CAJC

Congrats dear Hana and Dumont!




  • Brand new Junior Champion!

Arshan Darcy alias Nadir fullfiled conditions for Junior Champion!

We are very very proud! Hugs Nadir and Sofia!




  • 3.4.2016 - CACIB, San Marino

Arshan Darcy - junior class - E1, JCAC, best male, BOB!

He did it again! Warm congratulations to Sofie and Nadir!!!



  • 1.4.2016 -  Special show , San marino

Arshan Darcy - junior class - E1, JCAC, best male, BOB!

Great job, congratulations Sofie and Nadir!




  • 19.03.2016 - CACIB, Dublin, Ireland

Arshan Diezel Ky - junior class - E1,  CAJC, Celtic Junior Winner, Cruft Qualifies 2017

Congrats. Well done, David and Diezi!



  • 13.03.2016 - CACIB, Catanzaro, Italy

Arshan D´Arcy - junior class - CAJC, Best male and BOB!

 Huge congrats Sofie and Nadir!



  • Heart results

Arshan Amber and Arshan Blandine had again their hearts tested months ago with ultrasound and dopler. Both girls are ok. 


  • New puppy plan 2016!



  • Great news from Germany!

Arshan Bianca took 6th place on top list  of salukis 2015 in Germany!

Bianca aka Jahora was also on first side of Magazine Life. Lovely news!

Congratulations, Anika and Jahora!




  • 06.-07.2.2016 - CACIB Brno, Czech

Arshan Dumont - junior class - 2x E2

Judges: Bouček CZ, Guniš SK

Well done, Hanka and Dumi!





  • 11.1.2016 - CAC, Brno, CZ

Arshan Dumont -  puppy class - VP 1

Judge: Havelka, SK

Congratulations dear Hanka a Dumi!




  • Happy New YEAR 2016!





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