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  • Davina - 6. months old




  • Arshan Diezel and his first show results

International Irish Show - 2x very promising, 2x Best Baby Puppy in Breed.

Congrats to David and Diezi! Well done!




  • New International Champion

Our Arshan Amber is brand new International Champion!

We are very happyyy!



  • Cacib Tulln, Austria

Arshan Amber - champion class - E1, CACA, CACIB, BEST BITCH, BOB, BIG4 + Cruft Nomination!

Arashan Bel Blanc - open class - E1, CAC

Judge: Jarmo Vuorinen, FI

We are very happy and proud!





  • Health news from Canada and Hungary

Arshan Blanchefeur and Arshan Ansel was tested on DCM.

Both are ok and DCM negative!

Now we have tested almost 70% of our dogs, all are clear!



  • All our puppies are in new homes now!

Lands of stay of our D-Litter:

                       - Damian - Finland

                       - Diezel - Ireland

                       - D´Arcy - Italy

                       - Dante - Grece

                       - Dumont - Czech republic

                       - Dahlia - Czech republic



  • 22.08.2015 - Raba Winner Special Show

Arshan Ansel - champion class - E1, CAC, Raba Winner, BOB!

Arshan Balthasar - open class - E1, CAC

Well done, Anna and boys!



  • Duocacib Bratislava, Slovakia

Arshan Blandine - open class - E1, CAC

Judge: Havelka, SK

Well done!



  •  11.07.2015 - Nightshow CAC, Szombathely, HU

Arshan Ansel - champion class - E1, CAC, BOB and BIG3

Perfect results, Anna and Ansel :) Well done!




  • 24.5.2015 - NDS Mosonmagzarovár, HU

 Arshan Balthasar - open class - CAC, BOB and BIG-3

Well done, big congratulations to Anna and Balti!



  • All our puppies are reserved!

Puppies are 2 weeks old and already all are reserved for their future owners!



  • D-litter arrived!

5 boys and 2 girls was born in our kennel :)


  • 1.5.2015 -  IDS Budapest, HU

Arshan Balthasar - open class - E1, CAC, res. CACIB

Congratulations! Big hugs, Anna!



  • New results of Arshan Anais:
  1. Top Saluki Bitch of the year 2014
  2. National Beauty Champion of HU  2014
  3. National Coursing Champion of HU 2014
  4. Number 2 Coursing Saluki of the Year 2014

Congratulations! We are are so proud!



  • 08.03.2015 - CACIB, Ziliena Gora

Arshan Bianca - open class - CWC, res. CACIB

New Polish Champion!

Huge congratulations to Anika and Jahora!


  • Brand new pic of our group :)

More pics: here



  • 14.-15.2.2015 -  CACIB - Celje, SLO

Arshan Bailey - 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, 2x BOS!

Huge conratulations to Bailey and her family!



  • 15.2.2015 - CACIB Budapest , HU

Arshan Anais  -  CAC, res. CACIB

Well done, conratulations!


  • 1.2.2015 - CAC, Lagernwish

Arshan Bianca - open class -  CAC, BOS

Well done, conratulations!


  • 31.1.2015  - CAC - Lagernwish

Arshan Bianca - open class -  CAC, BOS

Well done, conratulations!


After 2 and 1/2 years we have a brand new puppy plan. Mother of our future litter is one of our A-Litter and father is a nice strong dog from USA. Both parents have healthy pedigrees with very successful dogs from Europe and USA.

For more informations: 

Pedigree of puppies: link

More about D-Litter: here



  •  PF 2015




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