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  • New photos of  some our B-kids

Arshan Blandine





  • 30.11.2013 - CACIB - Nitra, Slovakia

Arshan Blandine - intermediate class (2 salukis) - E1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Arshan Bel Blanc - open class (2 salukis) - E1, CAC

Judge: Vreteničić Miodrag (ME)

Thank you!


  • 29.11.2013 - Club Specialty, Nitra, Slovakia

Arshan Audree - open class - E1, CAC!

Judge: Nodalli, It

Congratulations Gabina and Audree!



  • 09.11.2013 - Coursing licence

Arshan Bianca - Jahora finished her coursing/racing licence in Germany.

Well done girls, our fingers are crossed for future sport carrer!


  • 27.10.2013 - DUO CACIB, Bratislava, Slovakia

Arshan Blandine - intermediate class (3 girls) - E1, CAC, res. CACIB

Judge: Latvia





  • 12.10.2013 - Sighthound Specialty CAC, Alsonemedi, Hungary

Arshan Anais - Open Class - E1, CAC

Judge: Markku Mahonen, FI

Well done! Congratulations dear Rita and Anais!





  • CACIB - Koper, Slovenia

Arshan Bailey - intermediate class - E1, CAC

Judge: Leoš Jančík, SK

Well done! Congratulations dear Bailey!




  • Brand New Champion!

Great news from Canada again! Arshan Blanchefleur alias Diva is brand new CANADIAN CHAMPION :)
Well done, congratulations!

Hugs, dear Julie and Diva!



  •  28.9.2013 - CACIB, Tulln, Austria

Arshan Bel Blanc - junior class - E2 with great comment :)



Congratulations dear Alena and Cherie!



                                                        Photo: Markéta Benešová


  • Our Blandi




  • 17.9.2013 -  CAC - Zalalovo, Hungary

Elamir Extra Diablo - junior class - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB, BOB and 1-BIG!

Judge: Poszony Aniko, HU

We are very proud, thank you Anna!




  • 13.7.2013 - CACIB Oberwart, Austria

Arshan Bel Blanc - junior class - E1, CAJC

Judge: Monika Blaha, AT

Congrats Alena and Cherie!



  • Arshan Bianca is brand new Polish Junior Champion!




  • Arshan Bailey is brand new Slovenian Junior Champion!




  • 11.8.2013 - CAC - Oszagard, Hungary 

Arshan Anais - open class - E1, CAC, BOB and Hungarian Winner for Beauty and Performance!

Congratulations and hugs to Rita and Anais!!!


  • 10.8.2013 -  Sighthound Club show - Bratislava, Slovakia

Arshan Alexis - champion class - E2, res CAC

Judge: Per Lundström (SWE)

Congratulations to Zuzana and Alexis!


  • 04.05.2013 - CAC -  Budapest, Hungary

Arshan Anais - open class - E1, CAC, BOB, BOG1  

Judge: Lupcovics and Tesics

Congratulations Rita and Honey!



  • 01.06.2013 - CACIB - Nitra, Slovakia

Arshan Blandine - junior class - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB, Junior Grand Prix Winner

 Arshan Audree - open class - E1, CAC, res. CACIB - new SK CH!

Judge: Mrs Ridarčiková, SK

Thank you very much! 



  • 31.05.2013 - CAC  - Senec, Slovakia

Arshan Audree - open class - E1, CAC

Arshan Amber - champion class - E1, CAC, BOB

Judge: Mr. Piskay, SK

Thank you very much! 


  • 26.05.2013 - CAC - Hrusica, Slovenia

Arshan Bailey - junior class - E1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB

Well done, congratulations!




  • 19.05.2013 - World dog show 2013 - Budapest, Hungary

- Arshan Cristalline -  junior class - Excellent
- Arshan Amber - champion clas - E1, CAC, res. CACIB, vice World winner!

Judge: C.V. Sudarsan, India

- Arshan Balthasar - junior class - Excellent
- Arshan Ansel - open class - Excellent

Judge: Marocco

We are  very very happy and proud  of our kids, specialy of our Amber! For our young Cristal it was her show premiere and she was very clever, too! Ansel was selected to 8 dogs of open class.

Thank you very much friends and judges! 




  • 18.05.2013 -  Montreal, Canada

Great news from Montreal. One of our kids - Arshan Blanchefleur had beautiful results!

Congrats, Julie!




  • 11.05.2013 - Club show Konopiste, CZ 

 - Arshan Bartolomew - junior class - E1, CAJC

Judge: Veronika Kucerova Chrpova, CZ

Congratulations dear Anti and Samson : ) Well done!





  •  04.05.2013 - CAC Show Göhlsdorf, GE 

 Arshan Bianca - junior  class -  E1, JCAC 

 Judge: Karin Juto Hedberg

Congratulations Anika and Jahora!


  • Coursing Winner of Slovakia 2O12!

We are very proud, that one of our A-Litter - Arshan Alexis is brand new Slovakian Coursing Winner 2O12!

Big hugs and congratulations to Zuzana and Alex!




  • 21.4. - CACIB, Maribor, Slovenia

Arshan Bailey - junior class - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB

Judge: Slovenia

Congratulations, Alexandra and Bailey! 



  • 13.4. -  CAC, Brno, CZ 

 Arshan Alexis - open class - E1,CAC  (3dogs in class), National winner!

 Arshan Audree - open class - E2, res cac  (of 4 in class)

Judge: Ruzickova, CZ

 Well done! Congratulations!




  • 6.4. - CAC, Pápa, Hungary

Arshan Balthasar - junior class - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB, BOS!

Judge: Harman Gyorgy, Hu

Congratulations, Anna and Balti!




  • Victory Show - Champion of Champions - Bratislava, Slovakia

Arshan Ansel - champion class - E1, CAC, Victory Winner 2O13!

Judge: Miroslav Guniš, SK

Thank you judges :)




  • New Grand Champion!

Arshan Amber is brand new Grand Champion SK!

Thank you, judges!



  • 24.2.2013 - CACIB Nitra, SK

Arshan Amber - champion class - E1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Judge: Barlik, SK

Thank you!




  • 16.2.213 - Champion of Champions, Budapest, HU

Arshan Amber - champion class - Best Bitch with title "Champion of Champions of 2012"

Thank you!




  • CACIB Trenčín, Slovakia

Arshan Amber - champion class - E1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Arshan Alexis - open class - E1,  CAC, res CACIB - new HU CH!

Judge: Erdos Lászlo, HU

Well done! Thank you!




  • CACIB  weekend in Slovenia, Ljubljana

- Arshan Ansel - champion class - 2x E1, res. CAC, res. CACIB

- Arshan Balthasar - puppy class -  2x VP1

Judges:  and





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