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  • We have puppies!

3+4 pups was born on 19-th November 2017






  • Our brand new plan ❤


  • Brand new pics of Emka






  • 13.08.2017CACIB, Mladá Bleslav, CZ

Arshan Blandine - open class - CAC (of 3), res. CACIB

Judge: Rehánek, CZ

Congrats to her co-owner Jitka and Blandi!




  • 29.07.2017 - Regional dog show, Žebětín, CZ

Arshan Dumont - open class - Regional winner, 2-BIG!

Judge: Řehánek, CZ

Congrats Dumont and Hana!




  • 29.07.2017 - Club dog show, Horovice, CZ

Our co-owned girl Arshan Blandine - open class -  E1, CAC

Judge: Panuška, CZ

Congrats Jitka and Blandi!





  • 22-23.07.2017 - Club dog show and Eurosighthound, CZ

Arshan Dumont - open class - 2 x E3 of 9 dogs

Congrats Hana and Dumont!



  • Brand new pics of my girls :)

9 months old







  • Regional dog show - Namešť u Hané, CZ

Arshan Dumont - champion class - E1,  Regional winner

Well done, congrats!



  • 04.06.2017 - CACIB, Pisa, Italy

Arshan Darcy - champion class - E1, CAC, res. CACIB

Well done, congrats!




  • 02-03.06.2017 - 2 x CACIB Nitra, Slovakia

Arshan Dumont - open class - 2x E1, 2x CAC, 2x res. CACIB

Dumont is brand new SK CH!

Well done, congrats!



  • 20.05.2017 - 2 x CAC Pápa, Hungary

- Arshan Emerson Jay - puppy class - 2 x VP1, 2 x Best puppy, sort selection in Bis puppy competition (ou of cca 40 puppies)
- Arshan Audree - champion class -
2 x E1, 2 x CAC, BOB!

Thanks Angélique Bobríková for your help with handling 

Judges: G. Tesics, Hu and I. Orsik, RS






  • 13.05.2017 - Regional XXII. Slezská dog show, Czech republic

Arshan Edward Duke - puppy class - VP, Best Puppy!

Judge: G. Weron, PL

Congrats Raduš and Edie







  • 06.05.2017 and 07.05.2017 -  DUO CACIB, Ercolano, IT

Arshan D'Arcy  - champion class -  2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, 2BIG!
Judge: Arnaldo Cotugno and Salvatore Tripolli, IT

Congratulations, dear Sofia and Nadir!






  • 29.04.2017 - Club dog show - Praha-Troja, CZ

- Arshan Blandine - open class - E1, CAC

Judge: Marešova, CZ

Well done :)




  • 24.04.2017 - CAC, Mogonmagyarovar, HU

 - Arshan Emily Grace - puppy class - Very Promising 1

- Arshan Audree - champion class - E1, CAC, Best female, BOB!

Judge: Paroci, Serbia

 Well done :)




  • 24.04.2017 - CAC, Finland

 - Arshan Everly Bear - puppy class - Very Promising, Puppy BOB, HP

Judge: T. Plathan, FI

Super, Oli and Ela!




  • 23.04.2017 - CAC, Club dog show, Austria

 - Arshan Emily Grace - puppy class - Very Promising 1, 2-BIS PUPPY!

Judge: Gyorgy Tesics, HU + Kurt Summer, AT

We are very happy and proud!




  • 09.04.2017 - CAC, Ostrava, CZ

- Arshan Emily Grace - puppy class - Very Promising 1

- Arshan Edward Duke - puppy class - Promising 1

Judge: Leoš Jančík, CZ

Edie was very clever on his first show and Ema received her 3-th perfect judgement with very nice words from judge. We are very proud








  • 01-02.04.2017 - Duo CACIB, Bratislava Slovakia

- Arshan Emerson Jay - puppy class - VP1
- Arshan Dumont - intermediate class - res CAC, res. CACIB
- Arshan Bel Blanc - open class - res. CAC

We didnt stay on final competetions.

Judge: G. Jipping, NL

- Arshan Emily Grace - puppy class female - VP1
- Arshan Ellis James - puppy class male - VP1
- Arshan Dumont - intermediate class - res. CAC

We didnt stay on final competetions.

Judge: T. Urek, SLO

We are very proud to our Arshan kids It was really super weekend with friends! And we are very happy that our "human kids" enjoyed dog shows too  Thank you

More pics: here





  • Great news from Italy

Arshan Darcy is brand new San Marino Champion!

Congrats!  Thank you, dear Sofie for perfect care and presentation!




  •  04.03.2017 - Regional dog show, České Budejovice, CZ

Arshan Blandine - open class - E1, Regional Winner

Well done!





  • 19.02.2017 - Cac, Bratislava, Slovakia

Arshan Emily Grace - baby class - Very promising 1

We are very proud of my darling Ema, she was so clever and brave on her first show
Judge: Vondrous, Cz

 More pics: Here




  • 18.02.2017 - Brand new pics of our E-litter

Our kids are 5 months old and they grew up bit :)

Pics: here





  • 10.02.2017 - Brand new pics

We had a very nice trip with our kids behind weekend :)

 More pics: here



  • Brand new Champion

Arshan Dumont received his last CAC in Brno, CZ (Duocacib) and he is brand new Czech Champion!

We are very proud!




  • Brand new pics of our happy puppies

 More pics: here



  • Elias and Jacob arrived to USA

Good luck our beloved boys :)




  •  08.01.2017 - CAC, Brno, CZ

Arshan Dumont - intermediate class - E1, CAC

Judge: Piskay, SK




  • Happy New Year


Dear friends,

we wish you Happy New Year 2017!

We hope all your dreams will come true,