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Erela Naomi HADI el BASHER



2-nd place and Res. CACT


44 Darya Dschari el Rub` al-Khali  Helge Kronsteiner AT 178 175 353  1.,CACT
43 Erela Naomi Hadi el Basher Stefan Remák SK 174 178 352  2.,R-CACT
41 Chiyal Djamjeed el Rub al-Khali Zuzana Rihayova SK 162,5 181 343,5  3.

Result: CACT

Saluki bitches:

1. Erela Naomi Hadi el Basher - 369,5

2. Olympia - 367

3. Hosneja of Falconers Dream - 363,5

4. Cayenne von Ganseblumchen -  343

1th place


Winner for Beauty and Performance! 

Naomi got the 8th place of 10 runners. As we let Naomi run earlier at the start in first round, the judges counted away 10 points, what was the reason for getting the 8th place. 

In our first coursing we got the 8th place, and Naomi made us very happy. She was chasing the lure all time and she went out as a very good runner, there were just a little difference among racing Salukis in points. We were delighted with Salukis running with the wind, and met some very kind people with their beautiful dogs they were interested in coursings. Naomi really enjoyed  the running and she met her friends Eshendi and Djamjeed there. 

  • 24.5.2008 - Coursing training in Bratislava

We fulfilled the conditions for getting the coursing licence. 

  • 1.5.2008 - Coursing training in Borinka

Naomi´s first training running was a little bit confusing. She was running with her friend Djamjeed (Chiyal Djamjeed el Rub Al-khali) and we felt that she was chasing Djamjeed as a "rabbit". We were kindly surprised with her second running, she was stand-alone and was following the bait to the finish.