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ARSHAN Ethan Page




Information: 20. 09. 2016 - 05.12.2016 boy, fawn sable

About death of Ethi:  Ethi was exported to Finland (26.11.2016), he spent just 10 days at his new home and we lost him forever. Ethi was euthanased by his owner (at that time co-owner, as there wasn´t paid the full price for him) who told us that Ethi had almost no kidney. She wasn´t possible to do autopsy, despite the fact that autopsy is refundable by club in Finland. We were in shock, we had never seen anything wrong on him and we asked the co-owner to give him back. Of course, Ethi  had all the vet examinations needed for air transport confirmed by a vet both with his oveverall health status. Unfortunately we couldn´t do anything. He was euthanased without any chance to do something and it was done without our agreement. Co-owner sent us blood result and we immediately re-sent it to more vet clinics (you can find blood results in attachment). They all told us, that the result did not co-operate with diagnose and info that we had received. It´s very heartbroken and we will never understand it! Ethi was a happy puppy, full of life, he grew nicely.... Finally we have received shocking info about euthanased puppies in Scandinavia also from other breeders (as there you can have an insurance for dogs).

I hope you are running happy somewhere and enjoying your baby freedom, our love. I am so sorry, Bibi  

Videos of Ethi: Ethi and snow, Bossing of Ethi, Ethi playfull puppy, 1 day before death

More info here: info


Land of Standing: Braden Susanna, FI


- Sire:  Lux. CH ; CLU ; CH S+L, DE CH, WDH CH, DE JCH, Landesjugendsieger Weser-Ems 2012, Bundesjugendsieger 2012 Pari-was Uday-Shahab

- Dam: C.I.B., SK GCH, HU CH, SK CH, SK JCH, HU JCH res. WDS winner 2013, res. BIS  Arshan Amber