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  • PF 2012



  • 19.11.1011 - CACIB, Nitra, SK

Arshan Ansel  (16. months old) - intermediate class male - E2, res. CAC

Arshan Amber (16. months old) - intermediate class female - E1, CAC

Aziz Inas (19. months old) - open class female - E1, CAC, res. CACIB

It was nice to meet you, dear friends. :) Thank you very much for a very perfect day! :)

Judge: Vlastislav Vojtek, SK

More pics: here

Complete results: here



  • New Czech Junior Champion

Arshan Aimée is  4-th Junior Champion of our A-Litter :)

Well done!



  • 08.10.2011 - CAC, České Budejovice, CZ

Arshan Aimée - junior class - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB

Judge: Panuška, CZ

Congratulations Aimée and Gabi! 



  • 2.10. - 2x CACIB Komárom, HU

Arshan Ansel - junior class - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB, Derby Winner 2011 - New Hungarian JCH (MEOE)

Aziz Inas- intermediate class - E1, CAC, Derby Winner 2011

Fan Fell Abadiya - puppy class - Very promising

Judge: S. Petik (HU)

Thank you friends for perfect presentation and very amazing day  :)

Well done!

Pics: here 

Arshan Ansel -  Derby Winner 2011, Junior Grand Prix Winner  2011 and  HU JCH!


  • Arshan Alexis and his racing training

Well done, Zuzka and Alexis!




  • Hungaria Junior Champion

Arshan Ansel is brand new HU Junior Champion (MKSZ)!





  • 24.09.2011 - CAC, Szekesfehervár, HU

Arshan Ansel - - junior class - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB, BOB, BIG-2

Judge: Hartman , HU

Well done!




  •  CAC Mosonmagyaróvar, HU

Arshan Ansel - junior class -  E1, CAC, Junior BOB

Judge: Laszlo István, Hu

Well done!




  • Brand new videos

Junior class - CACIB Bratislava 

Junior Class - Club show

BIG X. group - CACIB Bratislava

Daniela and Naomi



  • 28.08.2011 - CACIB, Debrecen, HU

Dadaelis T´Ku Khair of Arshan -  intermediate class - E1, CAC, CACIB!!!

Well done!


  • Slovak Junior Champions

We spent a pleasure with Alexis and Zuzana in our house and finally Arshan Amber and Arshan Alexis are brand new Slovak Junior Champions!

Well done!



Amber and Alexis

  • 2x CACIB - Duodanube Bratislava, SK

Arshan Amber - junior class -  judge M. Guniš - E1, CAJC, BOB (13 months old)

Erela Naomi Hadi el Basher - champion class -  judges: M. Pavlaskova, M. Guniš - 2x E1, 2x CAC, 2x CACIB

Naomi and our friend Angelika won 1-st place - Junior Handling!

We are totally pleased because Amber´s beautiful comments!

Thank you judges!

More pics: here


Arshan Amber  


  • CAC, Club Sighthound Show, Slovakia

Arshan Alexis - junior class - E1, CAJC - Junior Club Winner 2011, Junior BOB!

Arshan Amber - junior class - E1, CAJC - Junior Club Winner 2011!

Judge: L. Fintorova, SK

Thank you!


Arshan Alexis 

  • Hungarian Junior Champion

Arshan Amber is brand new Hungarian Junior Champion!

We are very proud to our lovely girl :)



  • 06.08.2011 - CAC - Pápa, Hungary

Aziz Inas - intermediate class - E1, CAC, BOB (of 7 salukis)

Arshan Amber - junior class - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB - she was selected to the shortlist as The Best Junior of X. group to Junior BIS

Dadaelis T´Ku Khair of Arshan - intermediate class - E1, CAC

Well done! Thank you for a very nice days, dear friends :)

More pics: here, Video: BOB, BIG

Complete results you can find: here




  • 24.07.2011 - CACIB, Veľká Ida, SK

Arshan Alexis -  junior class - E1, CAJC

Judge: Jan RYK, PL


Photo: Inguša Vrábelová


  • CACIB Szombathely, HU

Arshan Amber - junior class -  E1, CAJC, Junior BOB

Dadaelis T´Ku Khair of Arshan - intermediate class - E1, CAC (of 4 salukis), res. CACIB

Aziz Hiiri - intermediate class - Excellent 1

Judge: Edith Soltesz, AT

Complete results: here

Thank you!




  • Sighthound Club Show CAC - Godollo - HU

We spent nice time with our friends in beautiful park in Godollo.

There was entered about 15 salukis.

Our Amber won BOB - Best of Breed and finaly Junior Best in show 3-th place!

We are very proud!

Arshan Amber - junior class - E1, CAJC, Junior Club Winner and BOB and BIS-3 Junior!!!!

Dadaelis T´Ku Khair of Arshan - intermediate class - E1, CAC, Club Winner

Aziz Extera - open class - Excellent

Some pics: here

Complete results: here

Judge: Levente Miklós, HU

Thank you very much!



  • Our trip with dogs

We had a perfect time with one of our A-litter - Aslan alias Arshan Anthony.

 More pics: here



  • 25.06.2011 - CAC, Kaposvár, HU - judge: Balogh Zsuzsana, HU

Dadaelis T´Ku Khair of Arshan - open class - E1, CAC, BOB, BIG 3!


  • 25.06.2011 - CACIB, Brno, CZ - judge: Michaela Pavlásková, SK

Arshan Aimée - junior class - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB! (of 3 junior females and 2  junior males)




  • 04.06.2011 - CAC- ZalalovonHungary - judge: Hartmann György, HU 

Arshan Ansel - junior class - E1, CAJC, BOB, BIG 2!

Ansel is only 10 months old!

Congratulation Anna and Ansi!




  • - CAC Senec, SK - judge: Ľ. Fintorova, SK

Arshan Amber -  junior class - E1, CAJC

More pics: here

Video: BOB


  • CACIB - Szekesfehervár, HU - judge: István Lászlo, HU

Dadaelis T´Ku Khair of Arshan - open class - E1, CAC, CACIB, BOB! (of 9 entered salukis)

Aziz Inas - junior class bitch - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB!

Arshan Ansel - junior class dog - E1, CAJC

More pics: here

Thank you friends for a very nice day!




  • Hiiri is brand new Junior Champion!

3 shows = 3 CAJC

Thank you judges, thank you Stina and Angelika!

Hiiri in bis ring: video




  • Show news - CACIB Duodanube, Bratislava, Slovakia

Aziz Inas - E1, CAJC - she was selected to the shortlist of the Best Juniors in Junior BIS (Bitches) - judge: Tatjana Urek, SLO, handler: Angelika Bobrikova, SK

Arshan Amber - E1, CAJC, Cruft Nomination! - judge: Vojtek, SK  (breeder of afghans), handler: owner/breeder

More pics: our dogs, dog show

Comments:  here

Video: Arshan Amber in BIS ring - junior females , Aziz Inas - BOB ring 


  • Club speciality show Bratislava

Our daughter Danielka  - competetition "Children and dog" - 3th Place :)





  • 01.05.2011 - CAC - Banská Bystrica, SK - judge: M. Pavlásková, SK 

Arshan Alexis - E1, CAJC

Complete results: here


  • 23.04.2011 - CACIB, České Budejovice, CZ

We are very proud, that our Aimée won E1, CAJC of 5 junior bitches in her class!

Congratulations  Aimée and Gabika!

Arshan Aimée - E1, CAJC, Junior BOB, Junior BIG

Judge: T. Urek, SLO


  •  20.03.2011 - Nitracanis, CAC, Slovakia, judge: M. Guniš 

We spent a very nice day with our girls and friends in Nitra.
The girls were given very nice results and comments.
Our princess Hiiri did it again! Till now 3 different shows with 3 different judges = 3 times continuously placed in BIS ring!
Well done, Hiiri and Angelika!
Thank you very much!!!

VIDEO: Aziz Inas, Arshan Amber, Erela Naomi Hadi el Basher

More pics: here 


Aziz Inas - E1, CAJC - 2 -BIS Junior Female!!! - junior class

Erela Naomi Hadi el Basher - champion class - E1, CAC

Arshan Amber - puppy class - Very Promising

Arshan Aimee - puppy class - Very Promising

Complete results: here



  • TOP Saluki 2010 

Aziz Extera is brand new Hungarian "Beauty Winner 2010" and " TOP Saluki 2010"!!!

Thank you very much!



  • 06.03.2011 - Champion of Champions, SK

Erela Naomi Hadi el Basher - champion class - res. CAC

Judge: Vojtekova Iveta, SK

Thank you Angelika!

More pics: here



  • 20.02.2011 - Champion of Champions, HU

Aziz Extera - champion class - E1, Best female,  BOB,  one of 2 selected in BIG, finaly she ended among the first 12 Best Champions of 24 selected Champions of the show!

Arhan Amber - VP1

Judge: Szanka Judith, HU - thank you very much!

Some pics: here



  • 31.01.2011 - New pics

Here: Aziz Inas, Arshan Anthony 


Hiiri - 9 months old

  • 23.01.2011 - Cacib Trenčín, Slovakia

We spent a very nice weekend with our salukis, some puppies of our A-litter and our friends in Trenčín. Hiiri was in Junior class for the first time (9 months old) and puppies in Puppy class (6 months old). Well done!


Aziz Inas (Hiiri) - E1, CAJC,  3-BIS Junior female - Big thanks to Hiiri´s handler Angelika Bobríková!

Arshan Alexis  (Alex) - VP1, PBIS 1 -  1-BIS Puppy male 

Arshan Aimeé  (Aimeé) - VP1 - she was selected among 5 Best Puppies of Puppy BIS (Bitches)

Erela Naomi Hadi el Basher (Naomi) - was successfully used to "Top Junior Handling" with Lenka Tomečková.

Thank you very much!

Pics: here, video: Aimeé 

Complete results: here






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